Corporate Packages

Himalayan Cove provides the organization with an opportunity to open up and built a new bond with their employees. Corporate packages offered by Himalayan Cove helps team-building and help make improvement in the corporate environment.

Colleges Package

Come with your classmates and friends in the lap of nature to make a new bonding of having fun together. Make your college days cherished to be remembered afterwards. Young generations do have an inquisitive urge and courage to run beyond the unadventurous defences of life.

School Packages

We at Himalayan Cove offer an all new experience of school camping filled with lots of fun activities. Children get the opportunity to take part in dance, trekking, games arts and craft and many more.

Family Packages

Camping is a perfect way to fabricate a closer relationship between parents and kids Spending time with your kids with sufficient amount of security and safety is what we offer in our family packages. Family camping is the ideal way in bringing the members of a family closer to each other. It strengthens the relationship between grandparents, parents and children.

Day Picnic Packages

Make a short trip with your family, relatives or friends .Refresh yourself with breath taking scenery at Rishikesh, Kanatal, Lansdowne, Corbett, and Nainital. Pollution Free atmosphere, chirping of birds, Chuckling sound of your kids will bring the perfect contentment. We also arrange games for people of all ages from kids to grownups. Today, the technology has taken over the growing generation.